Inspection procedure is divided into four main parts:
1.1     Raw material provisional inspection
1.1.1    Visual inspection is carried out to check surface defects like cracks, laminations, imperfect edges etc…
1.1.2    Dimensional check is carried out to comply with the recommended dimensions.
1.1.3    Steel sections are accepted only against submission of mill test certificate from the suppliers, and a sample test is required.

1.2         In-process Inspection
1.2.1    All operations involved in the process of fabrication will undergo stage wise in process inspection, to ensure tolerances within permissible limits as per the customer’s specification.
1.2.2      During all operations, the first piece is thoroughly checked by Q.C. inspector before clearance for the mass production.
1.2.3      In addition to the first piece inspection, the QC inspector carries out inspections on regular basis.

1.3      Galvanization Inspection
1.3.1    Galvanizing operation is carried out with our reputed ancillary organizations. After galvanizing, our inspections are carried out to comply with specifications at their premises and compliance certificate is issued.
1.3.2    Upon receipt of the materials, Q.A. performs a random inspection of materials for visual defects, coating thickness and adhesion test.

1.4     Final inspection

After galvanizing when the materials are received back, they are properly sorted out and stacked as per packing list, while stacking the inspector ensures that the quantity of each item is complete as per the packing list.

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